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Massacre Robotics

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Robot Riots 4

Sloth is my 30lb horizontal bar spinner which competes at the Robot Riots and NERC events. Sloth is almost complete!

12" Supernaut blade on for show.

Sloth is a 4wd 30lb bar spinner. It uses 4 18volt Harbor Freight drills @ 24v for drive on 3" wheels, with cncbotparts hubs. The drive is controlled by 2 victor 883s, 1 per side.
The weapon is a 24" 3.5lb tool steel bar which spins just under 3" from the ground. The weapon motor is an ev warrior which is run @24volts. There is a 3.5:1 belt drive from the motor to the blade. The weapon is controlled by a RCE220 with an 80amp relay.
All is powered by a 24v 3000mah nimh Battle Pack. The frame is 1/2" 6061 t6 aluminum pocketed to 1/4" to save weight. The control system is an Airtronics VG400 FM radio.

Misc. Sloth pictures:

Side View
To show how the motor mount/spinner mechanism will work.

A special thanks to TNT Air Systems for sponsoring Sloth!