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Welcome to Team O'Connor's robot fighting website!

We build fighting robots and compete in the Canadian Robot Riots events and NERC events.
New site: October 27, 2003

The last Robot Riots event was on July 5+6 during the Celebrate Toronto Fest. It was a really fun event and TNT took 2nd place in the 12lb class and Sloth made a sad pathetic showing in the 30lb class, losing every fight due to radio problems, but I am upgrading to PCM anyways so the problem will be fixed. Sloth competed as a wedge and while it was working it did really good, getting the othet robots right on top and bashing them around. TNT held up very well against Mr. Shadow who ko'ed every fight he had, except the rumble where TNT really messed him up:) Thanks to TNT Air Systems our sponsor and to Erik Hagman, Bawtz and Robot Riots!!!

Both Sloth and TNT will be competing at Robot Riots 3 on July 5+6 in Toronto this year. The competition is better than ever and it should be tonnes of fun.

Emma was totally rebuilt for a competition at a friends house. It was still driven by servos, but this time at 9v. Emma wiped away all of the other robots (3) without a problem. She even managed to ko High Sticking! (you wonder how a wedge would do that?)

Sloth was destroyed at Motorama by 30lbs of hate in the rumble, but managed to survive. 3 of 4 bots that lasted through the rumble were Canadian. Rampage, Sloth, Diabolicle Machine and 30lbs of hate were the only survivors and Rampage won! After the competition, I bought Deadly Dominator off of Sam Harrington, who I fought and lost to=(. I took the drills, wheels, hubs, battlepack out of it and i am making it into a 30lb Hazard style spinner driven by an ev warrior. The frame will be 1/2" aluminum pocketed out with a mill to save weight.

TNT won first place at the November Robot Riots event! special thanks to our sponsor, TNT Air Systems.

A special thanks to our sponsor, TNT Air Systems!

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